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Touring the Western North Carolina Backroads

"Whether traveling the backroads of western North Carolina from the cushioned comfort of a mini-van or a squeaky front porch rocker, Sakowski’s book offers hours of enjoyable reading and a glimpse at life not visible from the fast pace of the freeway."
— Rose Erskine Out ’n About

"Those who enjoy the Western North Carolina scenery—but don’t appreciate the crowds—will enjoy Touring the Western North Carolina Backroads….it can bring the traveler closer to the history, people and beauty of Western North Carolina."
— Alva Stewart The State

"I recommend it highly—not only for you outdoorsy types but also for history buffs and anybody who enjoys a good, old-fashioned Sunday drive."
— Polly Paddock The Charlotte Observer

"For adventurous travelers, or those who want to get away from tourist traps, or even history buffs, this is an enjoyable, educational, entertaining work."
— Deirdre Parker Smith The Salisbury Post

"Every once in a while you’re overwhelmed with chagrin stemming from a sense of “What a good idea. Why didn’t I think of that?” Well, it is a good idea, and Carolyn Sakowski did think of it, and she has a winner….This is a book to have beside you on the front seat as you explore the backroads of the mountains."
— Jim Dumbell The Charlotte Observer

"Sakowski’s great contribution to the bookshelf—if not the back seat of the car—is 1) latching onto a rich concept; 2) applying an eye for delicious anecdote; and 3) delivering crisp prose. . . .She is a reliable traveler, a homegrown appreciator, and a wonderful storyteller... "
— Rob Neufeld North Carolina Libraries (journal of North Carolina Library Association)

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Touring the East Tennessee Backroads

"She lingers over the characters, economics, and battles that have put this part of the country on the map. "
— Carolyn L. Stoddard New Hampshire Tech. Inst. Lib., Concord

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